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Automatic sending of invoices on Chorus Pro


Tenor’s eDemat solution enables public service suppliers to send their invoices to Chorus Pro with ease.


Chorus pro

Chorus Pro portal mandatory for public sector invoices


Since January 2017, the French government has required public sector actors (State, local authorities, hospitals, public institutions) and their suppliers to use e-invoicing. A specific portal has been set up for this : Chorus Pro.
Tenor supports public sector suppliers with its eDemat software, a dematerialization solution for incoming and outgoing invoices that can automatically send invoices to Chorus Pro via EDI flows.


Logo eDemat, solution de facture électronique

Why choose Tenor’s eDemat to send invoices to Chorus Pro ?


The eDemat tax dematerialization solution is interconnected with the Chorus Pro portal. Indeed, it complies with the standards established by the AIFE.
You can easily continue to manage all your invoices from your ERP. Your e-invoices are sent in the right format and are stored electronically for 10 years. The software uses EDI flows to transmit these invoices to the Chorus Pro portal. In addition, the eDemat application generates the Reliable Audit Trail that will justify the integrity, authenticity and origin of the document. Intuitive, the eDemat portal simplifies the tax compliant dematerialization of your invoices.


E-invoices and public contracts : benefits

Cost reduction (printing, storage, shipping...)

Reduction of processing time (registration and validation)

Optimization of administrative and financial processes

Acceleration of payment deadlines

Improved relationship between the state and its vendors (through acknowledgements and communication of processing steps)

How to send an invoice on Chorus Pro ?

Via portail.chorus-pro.gouv.fr


In the portal mode, you manually deposit and enter your invoices in PDF directly on the Chorus PRO platform. This mode is mainly used for small volumes of invoices (< 300 invoices per month). Beyond that, you should consider the “demat mode”.



Via automated EDI flows


You can automatically send your invoices in electronic form via EDI flow to the Chorus PRO portal from your ERP. This is the option offered by Tenor with its eDemat solution !


Formats factures

E-invoice formats accepted by the Chorus Pro portal


  • UBL-Invoice


  • UN XML/Cross Industry Invoice


  • PES Invoice (State’s proprietary format)


To transmit other formats, such as EANCOM/EDIFACT, you must use a specialized service provider such as Tenor.






Need a partner for your e-invoicing ?

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