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E-invoicing solution


Simplified and intuitive e-invoicing


Logo eDemat, solution de facture électronique

The management of your e-invoices simplified thanks to our e-invoicing offer


eDemat is Tenor’s tax-compliant dematerialization platform that enables you to manage your e-invoices with ease. Developed by Tenor, the tool has been dematerializing the sending and archiving of invoices for several hundred companies since 2009 and has continued to evolve over the years.


eDemat supports you in all your e-invoicing needs : dematerialization of incoming and outgoing invoices in the desired formats, EDI invoices, customized portals to manage your exchanges with your business partners, etc.


Switch to e-invoicing now for your customer and supplier invoices quickly and easily with Tenor! Create, send and archive your e-invoices with eDemat in compliance with legal obligations, with complete peace of mind.


Benefits of switching to an electronic invoicing solution


in invoice processing time.


your company’s carbon footprint.


of your DMP, average time to pay customers.


processes and operations.


average of 5,55 € per bill.

Conformité reforme facture electronique

Our e-invoice solution in compliance with the reform


Article 26 of the amended finance law for 2022 will make it compulsory, from 2024, to generalize electronic invoicing and the transmission of invoicing data to the tax authorities. To meet the obligations of the reform, companies will have to issue electronic invoices and send them through the PPF, the Public Billing Portal. To do this, they can either transmit them themselves (with the potential help of a dematerialization operator) or go through a PDP, Platform of Dematerialization Partner.


Tenor PDP

Tenor will be certified Partner Dematerialization Platform by the State


Tenor has initiated the work that will enable it to become a PDP, Partner Dematerialization Platform, in order to best meet the specific and evolving needs of its customers.



The advantages of choosing a PDP partner such as Tenor


    • Management of all French and international formats


    • Compliance with e-reporting requirements for transactions with foreign countries


    • Simplify your e-reporting requirements


Iso 27001

Tenor is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for hosting and operating the eDemat solution infrastructure.


    ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security.


    It establishes requirements for the implementation and management of an Information Security Management System (ISMS), focusing on risk assessment and the implementation of measures to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.


    This certification testifies to our commitment to adopting an effective approach to implementing appropriate controls, thereby guaranteeing the security of our customers’ sensitive data.


    Aperçu eDemat

    The functionalities of our eDemat software


    • Easily identify the status of your invoices. eDemat offers several views with the level of granularity you want


    • Easily identify invoices in error, zoom in on clickable pie charts.


    • Create custom lists of your invoices for export. The eDemat solution simply generates the invoice report required by tax auditors.


    How eDemat works in e-invoice exchanges

    PDP schema

    Why choose Tenor’s electronic invoice software ?

    24/7 availability 

    increased security and high availability.

    Legal controls and archiving

    in an electronic safe with probative value for 10 years.


    General Tax Code Art. 289 VII


    EDI, Chorus Pro, PDF, signed PDF, Factur-X, mail.

    A single interface

    to manage and view all incoming and outgoing invoices.


    to modify the sending format.

    An intuitive tool

    to manage your invoicing and archiving.

    Partenaires e invoicing

    An electronic invoicing solution compatible with your ERP!


    The Tenor team has developed a simple yet comprehensive solution that works with the majority of ERPs available on the market.


    Connectors are already in place with the following ERP systems: Elo, Oracle, PMI, XRP SPRINT, XRP FLEX, SAP (R/3, S/4), SAP Business One, StraDivalto, IFS, Proginov, SAGE 100, X3, Obilog and SilverCS.


    We can help you with any specific integration.



    logo mini fraikin

    For customer invoices, a structured file from the ERP is automatically retrieved by eDemat regardless of the format. This flexibility is a major challenge for the group. The file is then translated according to the EDI standard used by its customer (EDIFACT, X12, Tradacom, VDA…) and sent via the telecommunication link used by the latter.

    For supplier invoices, the messages are translated into a file that is automatically integrated into Fraikin’s ERP according to their requirements.

    Logo mini monnaie de paris

    From a file generated from the ERP of La Monnaie de Paris, with all the information of the invoice, the solution creates an invoice in any format (private or public EDI, PDF, signed PDF, FacturX, paper mail). Archiving is carried out in parallel with the issuing of the invoice. The availability of a supervision portal allows the company to monitor the various invoice shipments, to have access to the electronic safe, to view errors and to manage user rights.

    logo mini sercel

    The objectives were to modernize the inbound and outbound billing processes and to prepare SERCEL for the requirements of the reform. Tenor therefore implemented electronic invoicing with FacturX formats and interconnections with SERCEL’s partners and their related platforms.
    Since SAP ERP has its own API, Tenor’s solution conformed to the transmission methods provided by SERCEL. This represents a volume of 100 partners for 60,000 messages per year.

    Need a partner for your electronic invoicing ?

    Let’s talk about it !


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    Go further with our resources and expertise!


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