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On Premise EDI solution


Manage your data flows from your own EDI station


EDI on premise

EDI On Premise offer for in-house monitoring


On-Premise EDI – also known as On-Site EDI, Direct EDI or Point-to-Point EDI – allows you to use a powerful, comprehensive and reliable solution while retaining full control of EDI in-house.

Tenor has developed an On Premise EDI solution that includes a module for creating mappings and implementing EDI flows. A customizable and easy-to-use EDI flow supervision tool is available for operations.

EDI On Premise is mainly used by large companies.


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Why use Tenor’s On Premise EDI software ?


Manage your EDI flows with the detailed monitoring of live operations. Generate your own flows with your partners quickly and easily thanks to the platform’s advanced features.


Training on our On Premise EDI solution is included in the definition of your project.


Highlights of Tenor’s On Premise EDI solution

A single interface

View all your feeds in a single interface


Customize your own electronic data interchange


Take advantage of a simple and easy to manage EDI architecture


Quickly create connectors with your customers, subsidiaries, partners, logisticians, web services…

Advantages of having your own EDI station


Manage your own EDI flows


Manage your own accommodation

Internal security

Your data stays with you

Our Network offer : a dedicated telecommunication service


Tenor also offers its telecommunication solution on its own, without its EDI software.


Who is it for ?  

Our telecommunication offer is aimed at companies that use their own EDI translator and wish to retain the management of their EDI platform.


What are the advantages? 

Simplify and optimize your telecommunication means with your different partners who use VANs, Internet, ENX network, etc. Just like VANs, our Network service allows you to connect to all telecommunication networks while making significant savings !

Zero hardware – Zero maintenance costs – Zero subscription


How does it work ? 

Our Network service allows you to have only one link via https between your EDI station and our platform. It manages the transfer of all your EDI messages (EDIFACT, X12, VDA, …) with your partners (customers, suppliers, subcontractors, carriers etc.). Our Network service is currently interconnected with more than 1,000 partners of our customers. Reduce your implementation time considerably and optimize your costs with our telecommunication offer !


Des offres EDI mutliples

An On Premise EDI solution among a wide range of EDI solutions


It is essential for large companies or growing players to automate their data exchanges with the implementation of an EDI solution. These computerized exchanges simplify commercial transactions and make them more reliable. However, not all companies have the same needs or the same resources. This is why Tenor has developed a complete EDI offering that meets all types of needs: EDI On Premise, EDI SaaS, WebEDI, Onboarding, etc.


Need a partner for an EDI project ?

Let’s talk about it !


Our articles on EDI


Our experts regularly publish articles on EDI, EAI and E-Invoicing in the blog section of the site.

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