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WebEDI solution


Manage your EDI flows easily with our eCar solution, an online web application. eCar WebEDI is the reference solution for the automotive market.


Solution webedi Tenor

eCar, the WebEDI solution for EDI exchanges via a Web interface


WebEDI is intended for the management of small and medium volumes of documents. This system allows a company without EDI capabilities to electronically exchange logistical and accounting documents, called messages, with its EDI capable partners. From a web portal, you can easily carry out essential EDI exchanges with your customers in just a few clicks! eCar, Tenor’s WebEDI solution, is particularly well suited to companies in the automotive and industrial sectors.


Why choose Tenor’s WebEDI solution ?


It integrates the management rules of the major players.


We take care of your EDI links, maintenance, supervision and exploitation of messages.


We work on all types of files and EDI formats for standardized messages.


Our WebEDI solution evolves with your projects.


The infrastructure with a high availability service with an operational service since September 2000.


First WebEDI solution approved by GALIA (36 points out of 36) and in compliance with the European recommendation e-Forms V2 of ODETTE.


Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese and Russian. Documents (BL, label, program etc.) are in English or French.

fonctionnement EDI

How does eCar, Tenor’s WebEDI application, work ?


WebEDI is a simple solution to make EDI quickly. Without installation or hardware, you access the application with your browser from any PC connected to the Internet. All customer information is received via a simple, ergonomic and intuitive application. A 2-hour remote training session is all you need to be fully autonomous and make your first deliveries. SaaS solution par excellence, you pay per use.


With eCar WebEDI, you can, among other things :

  • view, edit or download (in PDF, Excel, etc.) delivery schedules, forecast calls or orders ;
  • create your shipments and print pallet / package labels in your customer’s format ;
  • generate the EDI invoice directly or choose to send it dematerialized. Once your customer has integrated and accepted the invoice, the information will be communicated to you in the web application.



Advantages of a WebEDI solution


Ideal solution for a small number of transactions.


Manage your EDI flows via a simple web platform. No in-house EDI skills required.


Set up within 24 hours with just 2 hours of training.

Des offres EDI mutliples

Tenor’s EDI solutions


Most often instigated by customers or principals, the transition to automated exchanges through EDI links is highly strategic. These computerized data exchanges make it possible to simplify and increase the reliability of commercial exchanges. Tenor has developed a complete range of solutions for all needs: EDI On premise, EDI SaaS, WebEDI, Onboarding, etc.


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