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Our eCar WebEDI solution


A reference in the automotive sector, eCar webEDI is the ideal EDI solution for small companies. Easy to use and economical, it can be set up in just 24 hours.


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eCar WebEDI, the best webEDI solution for the automotive sector


eCar WebEDI is the first web EDI solution approved by the most demanding industry in terms of logistics processes : the automotive sector. Today, this software is widely recommended by car manufacturers such as Renault, Stellantis, Nissan or Renault Trucks, as well as by major equipment manufacturers such as Valeo, Novares, Trèves, Faurecia, NTN… eCar WebEDI perfectly meets their expectations in terms of EDI and traceability.


Why choose eCar, Tenor’s WebEDI solution ?


eCar WebEDI is the first WebEDI solution approved by GALIA, avec une note de 36/36.

Elle est également recommandée par ODETTE.

It is perfectly adapted to small budgets since it costs 10 to 20 times less than On Premise EDI.

Multilingual and accessible worldwide, eCar Web EDI is used in over 52 countries.

Adapted to small structures

No internal EDI skills required.


Low implementation costs and accessibility from any web browser.


Set up in 24 hours after only 2 hours of training.


Our eCar WebEDI solution evolves with your projects.

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eCar WebEDI, a simple, fast and economical EDI interface


eCar WebEDI allows you to quickly and cost-effectively implement an EDI solution for companies exchanging low volumes of EDI messages. No in-house EDI skills are required. From a simple web portal, you can perform all EDI exchanges with your customers in just a few clicks! The interface allows you to easily view all your EDI flows and indicators. This WebEDI solution is particularly adapted to companies in the automotive sector.



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Tenor’s EDI solutions


Most often driven by customers or principals, the move to automated exchanges through EDI links is highly strategic. These computerized data exchanges make it possible to simplify and increase the reliability of commercial exchanges. Tenor has developed a complete range of solutions for all needs: EDI On Premise, EDI SaaS, WebEDI, Onboarding, etc.


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