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[Training] The fundamentals of automotive EDI with GALIA


By simplifying, automating, accelerating and making reliable the information flows between partners, the use of EDI allows the automotive industry to reduce the administrative and logistic costs. Discover the fundamentals of EDI by following this training !


Understanding the scope of EDI


Use the right vocabulary
Arbitrate a choice of solution between EDI and Web EDI
Understand the processing steps of an EDI transmission
Know the components of an EDI processing infrastructure


Target audience


Director, Manager, IT specialist, logistician, person in charge of sales administration, customer or supplier relations, buyers, sales representatives… any person wishing to acquire the basics of EDI.


GALIA / Odette presentation

Definition : what is EDI ?

EDI : transactions between partners

The technical components of EDI (ERP, translator, mapping, networks and communication protocols, etc. )

The different modes of data exchange (EDI, WebEDI, customer Portal)

Technical and functional impacts

EDI : a source of performance

Organizational and relational impacts and linkages

The main steps of an EDI Client implementation project

Preventing Litigation - EDI Watchlist

Automation of exchanges : Work & Projects of the sector




1 day.


Training led by


Maria BUTAN: Expert in EDI and automotive logistics, EDIFACT standards and supplier deployment.



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