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EAI solution


Optimize the management of your inter-application flows : centralized view of all your flows in a single interface, simplified integration of new applications, automated synchronization of your data… discover all the features of our EAI solution !


Logo DEX, outil de Tenor pour l'ELT et l'ETL

Data EXchanger – DEX, THE solution to control all your data exchanges


The digitalization of the company necessarily involves the interconnection of applications and subsidiaries.
Deploying the right EAI solution is a strategic challenge for IT departments. Tenor’s DEX software package is their preferred solution for controlling, standardizing and streamlining data exchanges from different sources. With DEX, they build communicating and scalable architectures for their information systems. Data is transported, transformed and supervised automatically.


Une offre large de solutions EDI

One software for different data flow management needs


DEX is a software package that includes EAI, EDI, ETL, ELT, ESB, BPM and API functionalities.

Easy to use, our shared middleware allows you to supervise and synchronize all your data, to manage them and to make them reliable.


A very powerful EAI solution, DEX is capable of connecting any data source as well as manipulating, transforming and storing files and/or data in any other location in a reliable and secure manner.


Why choose DEX ?

A complete, flexible and low code all-in-one solution

DEX offers many features for data management: EAI, ETL, ESB, API…

Simple and fast communication with all your applications

Automated and accelerated extraction and transmission of data from all your software applications: WMS, ERP, CRM, HR, EDI, API, etc.

Quick creation of your connectors via a repository

Integration of new applications is simplified. No more point-to-point integration! Simple connection with internal and external sources: customers, subsidiaries, partners, logisticians, web services…

Playful visualization of all your data flows

Centralization of your data flows in a single ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

Solution available in On-premise, PaaS

Depending on the type and size of your projects, one solution will be more relevant than the other. Our experts are here to advise you.

Portail DEX

DEX features


A simple and powerful solution, the DEX middleware :


  • manages numerous communication protocols to transport data in a secure manner ;
  • extracts, transforms and integrates data via any type of file, database, Web service, API, etc. ;
  • allows you to manage all the data from the various IS applications ;
  • orchestrates complex processing according to numerous triggering rules ;
  • offers a consolidated and synthetic view thanks to its supervision and administration console ;
  • saves time thanks to the centralized and simplified management of automated flows and errors ;
  • sends alerts in case of need or non-event ;
  • guarantees the homogeneity of information in the different departments / subsidiaries ;
  • simplifies the integration of new applications.


Une offre large de solutions EDI

Also, an API Management solution


DEX is also an API management solution.


Our API Gateway tool allows you to centrally manage your complex API landscape (different vendors and deployment modes).


This will allow you to make the most of your various APIs in a secure and efficient context and thus increase productivity within and beyond your company.


Partenaires Tenor

An EAI solution compatible with your ERP!


The Tenor team has developed a simple yet comprehensive solution that works with the majority of ERPs available on the market.


We can help you with any specific integration.


fonctionnement EDI

Why integrate an EAI solution into your IS ?


The DEX offer responds to application integration needs but also to practical concerns that companies encounter on a daily basis such as :


  • ERP/CRM application integration ;
  • Synchronization/scheduling of data flows ;
  • Data warehouse and portal feeding ;
  • Implementation of exchanges with partners ;
  • Workflow with a validation process by the business ;
  • Groupware integration, automation and supervision ;
  • etc.



Overview of a non-DEX system – The spaghetti syndrome



Overview of a system with DEX




Need a solution to integrate and automate your data exchanges ?

Let’s talk about it !


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