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How to improve the management of your data flows and your IS ?


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Note: For the moment, all our webinars are only available in French.

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Webinaire EAI

Manage your data in a simple and secure way


You want to :

  • Design and maintain your data exchanges at a reduced cost (saving of at least 50% compared to specific development)
  • Secure and guarantee the quality of your data transfer
  • Save 80% of your interface operating time

… so many reasons to switch to EAI with our low-code Data Exchanger (DEX) solution.


About the program



Managing your EAI with DEX
DEX features
Focus on some flows
Case studies (retail, agricultural cooperative, real estate)

Benjamin BRAUN

An expert to answer all your questions


Our EAI webinars are presented by Benjamin Braun, our EDI and EAI expert and market manager.
He will introduce you to the multiple functionalities of DEX, our low-code solution to control your exchanges and your different data sources in complete autonomy. He will answer all your questions so that you can optimize all your internal and external data exchanges.


Upcoming dates


Currently being updated


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