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SaaS EDI solution


Free yourself from internal management constraints with an EDI system in SaaS mode



What is SaaS EDI ?


SaaS EDI, or in cloud mode, consists in using equipment and software (servers, translators, routers, network connections, acknowledgement …) installed in a hosting center (or datacenter). The “Software as a Service” mode is based on a mutualization of the EDI offer. Switching to SaaS EDI means entrusting the management of your computerized data exchanges to a team of specialists who intervene via an ultra-secure shared platform. It relies on project, operation and support teams that offer a comprehensive and complete service.


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Tenor’s SaaS EDI solution


Our EDI solution is in SaaS mode. It allows you to free yourself from the constraints related to the administration of EDI messages. The service allows you to process and track your EDI exchanges while reducing your costs ! It is an outsourced B2B exchange platform to translate, integrate, visualize and manage your EDI message flows, regardless of your sector of activity and that of your partners. Connected to your ERP, this EDI solution allows you to automatically exchange your EDI messages with all your EDI capable customers and suppliers. The cost of implementation and the cost of use are 2 to 3 times less expensive than for On-Premise EDI. The platform uses hardware and software installed in highly secure hosting centers that guarantee the proper processing of your data.


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How does our SaaS EDI solution work ?


The EDI platform retrieves messages from your ERP system transmitted via API or via our connector. The messages are then immediately sent to the platform to be analyzed, checked and possibly completed.

Once this test work is completed. The messages are transferred to their recipients via the network and the chosen protocol. The platform can perform certain personalized controls. This is a real added value for the company.

In the other direction, the principle is the same: when we receive an EDI message for you, we transform it into a format compatible with your ERP before transferring it to you. Here again, the message will be delivered to you in a directory on your server or directly in your ERP when it is your server or directly in your ERP when the latter allows us to do so. The message is also archived on our platform for several weeks.


Our solution includes an API Gateway. This is an API manager that provides a single point of entry into the system consisting of several APIs (or application programming interfaces). The software allows communication with Amazon, for example.


From implementation to operational maintenance, Tenor takes care of everything ! Let’s study your project together, contact us !


Strengths of Tenor’s SaaS EDI solution

Compatibility with any ERP

Easy to implement

0 maintenance costs

No software license

Multi-standard & multi-protocol

Data reliability and security

Une offre large de solutions EDI

Tenor’s SaaS EDI solution also means


An ultra powerful EDI tool : management of tens of thousands of EDI links.


An intuitive monitoring platform called MyHub: supervision and management of your customer/supplier flows.


Billing based on actual consumption.


Simplicity : no need for EDI skills, Tenor manages everything.


Control over the information exchanged : automatic e-mail or SMS alerts.


A scalable solution : add a link with a partner with a simple phone call.

A SaaS EDI solution compatible with your ERP!



The Tenor team has developed a simple yet comprehensive solution that works with the majority of ERPs available on the market.


Connectors are already in place with the following ERP systems:

Jeeves, PMI, XRP SPRINT, XRP FLEX, SAP (R/3, S/4), SAP Business One, StraDivalto, Sylog, Sylob, Greenspark, IFS, Microsoft Dymamics 365, Microsoft Navision, Proginov, SAGE 100, X3, Stockit, Obilog, SilverCS, Oracle and Reflex.


We can help you with any specific integration.


Advantages of a SaaS EDI solution


You reduce your EDI budgets by avoiding heavy investments.


You benefit from Tenor’s strong knowledge of EDI standards and their evolution.


You gain in reactivity thanks to a unique monitoring platform.


You gain in flexibility by separating yourself from the internal constraints of EDI management. No more maintenance contracts, no more licenses to buy and no more VAN (Value Added Network) subscriptions.


You benefit from a high level of reliability, a redundant platform, increased security and availability.

Fast deployment

You benefit from a quick deployment : no server or hardware to install.

Formats de factures

EDI formats supported


Tenor’s translation services manage all EDI file formats and standards :


ERP pivots (CEGID, SAGE, SAP, ORACLE, SYLOB, 2Bsystem, proprietary ERP, IFS, VIF, OBILOG, StockIT, GreenSpark, etc.)

XLS, CSV files (fixed size or separator), …



Exchange protocols


AS2, API, eMail, ENX, oFTP2, FTP, sFTP, FTPs, X400, and many others.

Des offres EDI mutliples

Tenor offers a complete EDI package for all your needs


The automation of exchanges through EDI links is a key strategic element. These computerized data exchanges make it possible to simplify and make trade exchanges more reliable. Tenor has developed a complete range of solutions for all needs: EDI On premise, EDI SaaS, WebEDI, Onboarding, etc.


Need a partner for an EDI project ?

Let’s talk about it !


Frequently asked questions about SaaS EDI


Is it possible to generate EDI files from other software than ERP ?

I already have EDI exchanges with customers and I would like to implement EDI with my suppliers. How can Tenor help me ?

By switching from On Premise EDI to SaaS EDI, won't I lose visibility on my flows ?

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