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ESB solution


Integrate and automate your data exchanges between all your applications.


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Your data exchanges optimized thanks to the ESB functionalities of DEX


Our DEX software is a powerful, scalable and customizable solution that offers a large number of features that can be adapted to your needs. In particular, it integrates ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) functionalities, allowing various business applications to communicate via an application bus.


Benefits of an ESB solution

Gain flexibility and reduce costs

Reduced development requirements for integration and maintenance. System and application integration is easier and faster.

Optimize orchestration and management

Structure your IS to allow efficient routing for optimal coordination of the capacities of the various applications. Central tool offering a global and unified vision.

Secure the quality of your data

Provide reliable and structured data for your business needs.

Why choose DEX for your ESB needs ?

A complete, flexible and low code all-in-one solution

Our DEX software offers many features for data management : EAI, ETL, ESB, API…

Simple and fast communication with all your applications

Automated and accelerated extraction and transmission of data from all your software applications : WMS, ERP, CRM, HR, EDI, API, etc.

Quick creation of your connectors via a repository

Integration of new applications is simplified. No more point-to-point integration ! Simple connection with internal and external sources : customers, subsidiaries, partners, logisticians, web services…

Playful visualization of all your data flows

Centralization of your data flows in a single ergonomic and user-friendly interface.

Une offre large de solutions EDI

DEX : ESB functionalities but not only…


Our DEX software is a complete and powerful middleware offering a large number of functionalities : EAI, API, ETL/ELT, ESB etc. As such, it meets the same needs as an ESB software but goes even further. Our solution is capable of connecting any data or file source that is not designed to work with others. It also allows you to manipulate, transform and store files and/or data in any location in any format. In addition, DEX offers a user-friendly interface to control and visualize all data for operational optimization and strategic analysis.






fonctionnement EDI

Why integrate an ESB solution into your IS ?


  • Collect data from all your business applications
  • Exchange and synchronize this data via a central flow
  • Structure and standardize data exchanges
  • Monitor the execution of your data flows
  • Instantly visualize your flows and their evolution



Need a solution to integrate and automate your data exchanges ?

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