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Onboarding EDI


Entrust Tenor with the EDI onboarding of your suppliers. Thanks to its exclusive EQP (Exchange Quality Platform) solution, which is managed by its EDI experts, Tenor enables you to simplify the implementation of your EDI supplier deployment, while offering you personalized follow-up.


Accompagnement EDI onboarding

What is EDI Onboarding ?


Some customers require their suppliers to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
In order to facilitate the integration process of the suppliers concerned, the simplest solution consists in setting up an EDI deployment project, also called Supplier EDI Onboarding. The objective is to implement electronic exchanges (orders, shipping notices, invoices, etc.) with all suppliers. The client then decides on the messages to be exchanged, their standard (EDIFACT, VDA, XML format, etc.), their usage profile and the implementation schedule.


EQP, Tenor’s EDI Onboarding solution, simplifies this deployment process.

It is a Web application that enables suppliers to be qualified and deployed in EDI or WebEDI by integrating them into a guided validation process.


fonctionnement EDI

How does Tenor support you in your EDI Onboarding project ?


Tenor has been handling EDI and WebEDI deployments for many years through a customized service.


A dedicated Tenor team takes charge of the project from the EDI qualification of your suppliers to the implementation of a functional EDI solution for each of them. To do this, this team uses a collaborative tool created by Tenor called EQP (Exchange Quality Platform).


However, Tenor’s EDI Onboarding is not limited to the use of this tool. It is a comprehensive service that offers support from technicians skilled in EDI and logistics, capable of implementing complex business processes. Tenor qualifies, implements EDI, certifies the supplier and requests production start-up.


This is how Tenor carries out the certification and validation of all of Stellantis’ suppliers.



Why choose Tenor’s supplier certification solution ?


of EDI deployment with all your partners

Contact and qualification of suppliers

in an individual and personalized way


in terms of dedicated resources


on a single portal


according to your needs


3 language interface for worldwide EDI deployment


analysis of your EDI messages

24/7 availability

increased security and high availability

Periodic reporting

to make it easier for you to follow the deployment
Une offre large de solutions EDI

How does EQP work ?


EQP was designed by Tenor to simplify the process of approving EDI exchanges.
Suppliers and the ordering party can access all the information via a web interface. The supplier can monitor its tests, the client can monitor the deployment and Tenor can oversee the entire process.
EQP is operational regardless of the EDI solution chosen and can be used to validate all kinds of EDI links. It allows you to verify that your suppliers are communicating with you in compliance with standards and your particular specifications.



croissance business

EDI Onboarding in 5 steps with Tenor


  1. Define deployment processes and EDI validation scenarios.
  2. List suppliers on the portal so that they can be contacted individually.
  3. Open EDI or WebEDI links with suppliers.
  4. Let the platform generate and send test EDI messages to suppliers. It checks the EDI messages, labels and delivery notes sent back.
  5. Tenor validates the production of EDI links with the supplier.


Tenor participe aux groupes de travail GALIA, ODETTE, GS1, AGRO EDI EUROPE

A webinar to support your suppliers


Tenor is offering a 45 minutes webinar that will help your suppliers understand how EDI works and how to deploy Supplier EDI. Our experts will show them all the benefits of an EDI solution and explain how to implement it.


Need a partner for an EDI project ?

Let’s talk about it !


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