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For growing companies, implementing an EDI solution is highly strategic.


The automation of electronic data exchange makes business transactions easier, more reliable and more relevant.


Depending on the needs, the size of the company, the sector of activity and the volume of data exchanged, a company will have different EDI needs.


To meet each type of need, Tenor has developed several EDI solutions:

On Premise EDI solution
On-Premise EDI - also known as On-Site EDI, Direct EDI or Point-to-Point EDI - allows you to use a powerful, comprehensive and reliable solution while retaining full control of EDI in-house. Tenor has developed an On-Premise EDI solution that includes a module for creating mappings and implementing EDI flows.
SaaS EDI solution
Our EDI solution in SaaS mode allows you to free yourself from the constraints related to EDI message administration. The service allows you to process and track your EDI exchanges while reducing your costs! It is an outsourced B2B exchange platform to translate, integrate, visualize and manage your EDI message flows, regardless of your sector of activity.



WebEDI solution
WebEDI allows a company without EDI capabilities to electronically exchange logistical and accounting documents, called messages, with its EDI capable partners. From a Web portal, you can easily perform the essential EDI exchanges with your customers in just a few clicks!
Onboarding EDI
Thanks to its exclusive EQP (Exchange Quality Platform) solution, Tenor enables you to simplify the implementation of your supplier EDI deployment, while offering you personalized follow-up. A dedicated Tenor team takes charge of EDI projects from the EDI qualification of your suppliers to the implementation of a functional EDI solution for each of them.


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