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[Training] Supplier EDI deployment


Supplier deployment is the best way to integrate your suppliers into an EDI and/or WebEDI validation process. This training will give you the keys to achieve a good onboarding and to easily and quickly upload your EDI exchanges (orders, shipping notices, invoices…).




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Understand the different implications of a supplier deployment project and the benefits it brings.


Target audience


IT professionals who need to implement EDI messages.






Part 1 : Why massively deploy its Suppliers in EDI ?

Part 2 : Create an Enabling Infrastructure

Part 3 : The upstream stage : defining the rules of the game



Methods and teaching aids


The training is punctuated by an alternation between theory and practical application through exercises and comprehension tests. A pedagogical support in electronic form is given to each participant.


Follow-up and evaluation methods


Exercises and comprehension tests.


Access time


Please contact us via the registration form and mention the desired date for the training.





1 day.




€1,430 excluding VAT per person (coverage is possible, Tenor being Qualiopi certified for its training actions).


Training led by


Maria BUTAN: Expert in EDI and automotive logistics, EDIFACT standards and supplier deployment.


Training delivered remotely


Access via the Teams videoconferencing tool. Connection information sent at the latest 2 days before the training.
The trainee will be able to do the training from his workstation.


Accessibility to disabled people


People with disabilities are invited to contact us directly to study together the possibilities of following the training.




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