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[Training] The EDIFACT standard in the automotive industry with GALIA


Widely used in the automotive industry, EDI is a must between customers and suppliers.
In this training, discover the technical bases to understand the EDIFACT standards.





Understand the EDIFACT standards.
Read and use the main messages used in the automotive sector.


Target audience


Computer scientist, logistician, or anyone else who wants to understand or implement EDIFACT messages in the automotive sector.




This training is intended for people who have already followed the training “The fundamentals of EDI in the automotive sector”, or who have a first experience in the EDI field.


In particular, it is recommended to know what an EDI message is, what it is used for, in what context it is used and what information it may contain.


Register on the GALIA website


Know the list of messages standardized by GALIA

Know the list and hierarchy of elements in the EDIFACT standard

Know how to use an EDI implementation guide

Interpret an EDIFACT Auto France file (DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV)




1 day.


Training led by


Maria BUTAN: Expert in EDI and automotive logistics, EDIFACT standards and supplier deployment.



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