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Why migrate to Hosted EDI ?

For those of you who use WebEDI :


As your flows increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue manually re-entering data into your ERP system. The large number of re-entries systematically leads to errors that can penalize the quality of your service rate.
Hosted EDI enables you to considerably increase the speed with which EDI data is integrated into your information system, while completely eliminating the risk of data entry errors. You gain in efficiency and benefit from the full power of EDI exchanges. By choosing Hosted EDI, your teams will save time and increase efficiency.

The investment required to set up this service will quickly pay for itself, thanks to the time saved by your teams and the increase in your service rate. It will also enable you to be more responsive to your partners’ forecasts and orders, as this information will be directly visible in your ERP system.
No additional EDI skills are required for your teams. TENOR takes care of the maintenance, supervision and operation of your EDI messages and links. For each new EDI link, simply contact us and we’ll take care of everything.


For those of you using an on-site EDI translator :

You’ve decided to manage your EDI links yourself. This is a strategic decision, and you feel reassured because you have complete control over your installation. But have you ever wondered what would happen if :
– The EDI manager became unavailable for several days ?
– Your IP, X400, ISDN or ENX access became unavailable ?
– What if your EDI station crashed? What if there was a virus attack ?


And have you ever wondered how much your EDI system really costs ?


– License & maintenance updates ;
– Hotlines – Support ;
– Permanences / on-call ;
– New mapping & BAL connections ;
– Network, VAN and telephone costs;
– Hardware, hosting, datacenter ;
– EDI skills, etc.


Managing an EDI station in-house is extremely costly, and often much less secure than you might think. For this reason, it’s best to entrust it to a team of experts like Tenor! You won’t need any in-house EDI skills – we’ll take care of everything, from implementation to maintenance.

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