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Choosing your new EDI service provider

Nouveau prestataire EDI

How do you choose your new EDI service provider ? When you’re looking for a new EDI service provider, it’s often to outsource an activity that was previously carried out in-house. Similarly, some companies are looking for new EDI partners to change technology, or when implementing a new ERP system, for example.


To make your transition a success, you’ll need to follow a strict methodology in order to make the right decisions! Companies may also be dissatisfied with their EDI supplier for a number of reasons :


  • Technical problems with the station, too long to resolve ;
  • Service and maintenance costs too high ;
  • Lack of attentiveness, flexibility and responsiveness ;
  • Difficulty maintaining EDI station in-house.


These tips apply to all companies looking for a new EDI provider. But also for companies looking for an EDI supplier for the first time !



How to find a new EDI service provider ?


To choose the right EDI partner, it’s essential to ask yourself the right questions :


  1. First of all, define your objectives. What do you want to improve with this change ? Is it cost reduction or process optimization you’re aiming for ?
    2. Next, establish your prerequisites (technical characteristics, requirements, project scope…)
    Would you prefer a Saas or On Premise EDI solution ? Do you want to manage your EDI yourself or not ?
    3. Don’t hesitate to look at the references of the service providers you select. If you’re in the automotive industry, it’s reassuring to choose a supplier who’s familiar with the sector.
    4. Define your budget well in advance : how much money do you have available ? How much can you invest in setting up an EDI platform ?
    5. Look at the offers on the table : are they straightforward? Does the pricing structure suit you and is it clear enough ? Is the solution’s technical infrastructure properly secured ?
    6. If you want to work with partners and/or suppliers in any country, make sure that the solution can be deployed internationally.


Only after you’ve considered all these points can you select a “short list” of EDI service providers ! Delete the companies that don’t match your criteria and consult the others.
It is of course advisable to meet each relevant supplier to establish initial contact.



Tenor EDI Services, EDI experts for over 30 years


Tenor EDI Services is a human-scale company specializing in EDI platforms, EDI services and invoice dematerialization. We offer you solutions developed in-house, adapted to the needs of each business sector.
A recognized player in the automotive industry, Tenor is also a member of the GS1 professional organization for manufacturers and distributors, and of the GALIA organization.


Your new EDI provider in a few figures, Tenor is :


  • Over 30 years of EDI expertise in SaaS and On premise modes ;
  • 3 agencies (Lyon, Paris and Tunis) ;
  • More than 80 employees ;
  • 2000 active customers in 45 countries ;
  • 10 million EDI messages processed every year.


We can offer you two EDI software packages in SaaS mode :


  • eCar EDI dedicated to the automotive sector ;
  • Edibase EDI to meet the needs of companies in all sectors.


We have also designed eCar Web EDI (an approved solution for the automotive industry) for customers needing to manage low volumes of EDI exchanges. Last but not least, eDemat, our tax-compliant dematerialization service, meets all your invoice dematerialization needs ! eDemat also enables you to issue EDI invoices in Chorus Pro format, in compliance with the new Chorus law.


As a reminder, the use of Chorus Pro by public sector suppliers has been mandatory since January 2017 for large companies, and will also be until 2020 for smaller organizations. Our eDemat solution retrieves your files upstream from your accounting management system, translates them into Chorus Pro format, electronically archives your invoices, deposits the files on the Chorus Pro platform and provides you with a receipt report !


For further advice and support, please do not hesitate to contact us ! Our team of experts will be happy to help you in your search for a new EDI service provider.