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DESADV D96A : GALIA updates AVIEXP profile to version 5.3


At the end of February, Galia published a new profile for DESADV D96A, shipment advice 5.3 (AVIEXP V5.3). RENAULT and Groupe PSA have confirmed their interest in deploying this new profile as a priority, enabling all sustainable packaging elements to be integrated into the AVIEXP/DESADV D96A message.

In addition to the description of the shipment, this new profile enables the transmission of all sustainable packaging elements: pallets, caps, interlayers, packaging (full and empty cushioning) and all accessories.



How do you integrate all sustainable packaging elements into the AVIEXP/ DESADV D96A message ?



All information concerning a shipment’s durable packaging and accessories is transmitted in a new CPS block (3 outer) at the end of the message, after the CPS (1 inner).


The sustainable packaging elements transmitted represent a complete overview of all packaging, whether full or empty. Accessories are also taken into account. However, non-returnable packaging elements (cardboard boxes, etc.) are not managed and therefore do not need to be transmitted in the new CPS loop (3). Only durable packaging elements are taken into account.


For greater flexibility and in line with manufacturers’ needs, the GALIA AVIEXP V5.3 profile includes two use cases.


Description of packaging (empty and full) and accessories not related to the UM in DESADV D96A


This involves listing the number of empties and durable accessories by type for the entire shipment.

Management rules :
– One CPS loop (3) per shipment,
– Complete summary view,
– In the case of UMS, reminder of CU type=UMS type in CPS loop (3).


Description of packaging (empty and full) and accessories with link to UM


This involves listing the number of empty packs and durable accessories by type for each CU shipped in a consignment.

Management rules :
– One CPS loop (3) per CU
– Generate the UM number under the last PAC of the CPS (3) loop.
– In case of UMS :
o CU type reminder = UMS type in CPS loop (3)
o UM No. = CPU No.



Am I concerned by the new GALIA profile of AVIEXP V5.3 ?



This new GALIA profile version of AVIEXP V5.3 represents an evolution of the current AVIEXP V5.2 profile for parts (DESADV D96).

So if you’re sending shipping notices either by EDI or Web EDI, to Renault or Peugeot Citroen PSA, this will impact you. All serial suppliers to Renault SA and PSA Groupe will eventually be affected by this change, which is due to be rolled out progressively from the third quarter of 2020. We therefore recommend that you anticipate this change in order to guarantee the continuity of your EDI flows with the French manufacturers.


Once implemented, this update will improve the traceability of durable packaging flows, simplify your management processes and reduce management costs. Your EDI service provider is your privileged contact to help you bring this project to a successful conclusion. The sensitive and technically complex nature of this project should not be overlooked, and requires close collaboration with Renault SA and PSA Groupe.


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