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Definition of EDI


The abbreviation EDI means Echange de Données Informatisé in French, which translates as Electronic Data Interchange.


Computer-to-computer exchange


EDI can be defined as the computer-to-computer exchange of transaction data using standardized computer networks and formats.


As shown in the diagram below, information from the transmitter’s computer system (Partner A) passes through networks to Partner B’s computer system to be automatically integrated for easy access.





computer to computer exchange


Application (ERP) Application (ERP)

Partner A        Partner B



How to understand EDI


This leads to the following questions :


  • What is being exchanged ? There is a need to agree between partners what information/documents to exchange and what form of  EDI to select ;
  • How do you make exchanges ? Perhaps the transportation of information via certain forms of media requires specific communication protocols.


Current use of EDI


Today, when you shop at the supermarket, more than 90% of the products you buy have been ordered by EDI systems, or even paperless billing after the shipping notice has been transferred in the same way.


This leads to :


  • Savings in time and money ;
  • A reduction of typing errors.


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