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Choose an experienced EDI partner

Dématérialisation fiscale

An EDI partner for over 30 years, Tenor EDI Services is a major player in this market. Its core business has always been EDI exchanges. In fact, the evolution of technologies and the growing demand for dematerialization and flow management solutions between companies has continued to progress ever since.

Today, Tenor offers EDI software to customers in such demanding sectors as automotive, aeronautics, healthcare and transport.

With over 1,800 active customers in 54 countries, the EDI partner handles more than 8,000,000,000 messages every year. Thanks to its reliability and quality, our offer is regularly prescribed by the biggest manufacturers and equipment suppliers.



Classic offers from an EDI partner like Tenor


TENOR is the publisher of the EDIBASE EDI® suite of EDI and Web EDI services. The EDIBASE® suite is marketed on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, and comprises 5 services :


EDIBASE EDI hosted services


Avoid heavy investments and benefit from the best possible EDI service. Free yourself from internal EDI management constraints. Opt for an easy-to-implement, tailor-made solution. This is your EDI partner’s outsourced service offering.


EDIBASE WebEDI the EDI solution in SaaS mode


It’s the first WebEDI solution approved by the automotive industry. It is also one of the most reliable solutions for the logistics sector. EDIBASE WebEDI is an EDI solution used for exchanges with both suppliers and customers. EDIBASE, set up by your EDI partner, facilitates the management of your EDI exchanges. You can also choose to monitor key indicators using the dedicated monitoring platform.


EDEMAT, the dematerialization service for everyone


When it comes to dematerialization, it’s important to identify the EDI partner capable of implementing a solution close to your working methods. To simplify and dematerialize the archiving and transmission of invoices to Chorus Pro, Tenor has implemented the Edemat solution. Send your dematerialized invoices to public bodies.



Expert offers from your EDI partner


In addition to dematerialization solutions and EDI software, discover Tenor’s expert offers.


EDIBASE Network, use the EDI translator


This telecommunications service is designed for companies that use their own translators. Like VANs (Value Added Networks), Network lets you connect to any telecom network. This means significant savings on subscriptions, hardware and maintenance. Your EDI partner takes care of the BAL in the datacenter, while you manage the translator (at home).


EDIBASE EDI Supplier or how to make the most of our experience


For major EDI deployment projects, put your trust in our teams. Entrust them with your supplier list, and they’ll take care of everything. Opt for a simplified methodology already tried and tested by numerous customers and projects.

In conclusion, choosing your EDI partner is easy. Simply opt for an experienced company with proven technologies. Similarly, the experience and know-how of our project teams is a major asset.

Contact our teams to discuss your project. We’ll be happy to respond to your technical constraints and implement your customized project.