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Enterprise Application Integration, EAI, has become an essential and strategic element for companies.

EAI solutions are designed to facilitate communication and information exchange between the various applications and systems used by a company.

DEX is Tenor’s EAI solution!

It is a very powerful yet easy-to-use tool. As a shared middleware, it enables you to supervise and synchronize all your data, manage it and make it reliable. It allows you to connect any data source and to manipulate, transform and store files and/or data in any other location. And this in a reliable and secure way.

It includes EAI, EDI, ETL, ELT, ESB and BPM functionalities.

It allows a large number of needs to be met by enabling different applications and systems to communicate with each other.

EAI solutions help companies improve their efficiency and achieve their growth objectives.

EAI solution
DEX is the tool of choice for controlling, homogenizing and rationalizing data exchanges from different sources. It allows to build communicating and scalable architectures for information systems. Data is automatically transported, transformed and supervised.
ESB solution
DEX integrates ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) functionalities. The ESB is an application integration method built on open standards, which will query different modules contained in different system applications. The information is then sent to a central flow: the application bus.



ETL / ELT solution
DEX includes ETL / ELT capabilities. Automated data pipelines from multiple sources are put in place to view them in one place. This global and centralized view allows to exploit and analyze the information for strategic decision making.


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