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Why use WEBEDI with your business partners ?

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WEBEDI with your business partners is easy to set up. It’s also easy to use. WEBEDI is the most flexible and cost-effective solution for switching to EDI. With WEBEDI, you have an EDI solution up and running immediately.


Find out in this article how WEBEDI works, the advantages of WEBEDI and why you should use WEBEDI with your business partners.



What is WEBEDI?


WEBEDI is a WEB portal that enables you to create, send, receive and track commercial documents with your customers and suppliers.


The simplicity of using WEBEDI with your business partners


Using WEBEDI doesn’t require lengthy training, configuration or testing. The first message entered on a WEBEDI portal is ready to be sent.


The user logs on to the WEBEDI portal using his login and password :

  • Choose the type of document you want to send: order, dispatch advice, delivery note, etc.
  • They complete an intelligent input form, usually already pre-filled.
  • The completed form is checked and validated, all the information required for sending is entered, and the form is sent to the EDI service.
  • The EDI platform service takes charge of creating the EDI message to the required standard (e.g. EDIFACT) and routing it to the recipient.
  • The user receives notification that the message has been successfully received.


Exchanging business documents with WEBEDI


WEBEDI with your business partners means exchanging all the usual commercial documents with suppliers and customers, using EDI standards :

  • Receive EDI messages in clear text, such as orders (ORDERS) which can be exported to Sales Management,
  • Issue despatch advices (DESADV) directly from sales orders received via the WEBEDI portal or imported from Gestion Commerciale,
  • Invoice delivered orders electronically (INVOICE).


All exchanges between the WEBEDI portal and business applications (Sales Management, ERP, Accounting, etc.) are made via text or CSV file transfers. Importing and exporting files avoids re-typing errors and boosts productivity.



The main advantages of WEBEDI


WEBEDI combines the advantages of EDI with your trading partners in a WEB environment.


WEBEDI offers all the advantages of Internet browsing


Using WEBEDI with your business partners means having a workstation connected to the Internet :

  • A service open 24/7.
  • A service that’s always accessible, wherever you are.
  • WEB ergonomics: intuitive use, responsive display.
  • No investment in hardware or software, apart from a secure Internet connection.


By switching to WEBEDI, you benefit from the advantages of EDI.


Secure, reliable exchanges :


They will bring productivity gains for the company, as well as reductions in management costs :

  • Fewer coding errors in exchanged documents.
  • Electronic documents transmitted immediately.
  • No need to fax or telephone to receive or transmit orders.
  • Tracking of shipments with confirmation of receipt of documents issued.


Access to new productivity-enhancing functions


  • The dematerialization of commercial exchanges,
  • Traceability of exchanged commercial documents, from purchase orders to invoices,
  • Facilities for electronic archiving of all commercial documents: purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices.


When companies exchange information electronically with their customers and suppliers, they benefit from a number of competitive advantages :

  • Customers who place orders more easily and frequently,
  • Preferential commercial terms with suppliers.



Why use WEBEDI with your business partners ?


Customers in the industrial, automotive and retail sectors exchange data electronically with their main suppliers. In the interests of rationalization, they want to extend EDI exchanges to all their suppliers, whether small, occasional or seasonal.


If suppliers fail to switch to EDI, they risk losing their listing and their market. WEBEDI makes it possible to respond immediately to customer demand.


Choosing to use WEBEDI with your trading partners is advantageous for companies with low volumes of messages to exchange. In many such companies, an investment in integrated EDI will never pay off.





  • Access to EDI services without a major initial investment.
  • Quick start-up, in just a few days.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you’ll always be in compliance with your client’s requirements, and with current commercial and tax regulations.


WEBEDI will immediately enable you to work with your suppliers, receiving their orders and returning shipping notices, delivery notes and electronic invoices.



WEBEDI home of prime contractors


To encourage and help all their suppliers to switch to EDI, principals often offer WEBEDI intranets integrated with their own EDI systems.

These “proprietary” intranet solutions are perfect for EDI with a single partner. But as soon as the company needs to work in EDI with several of its commercial partners, customers and suppliers. You’ll need to choose a WEBEDI Internet portal to centralize all incoming and outgoing EDI flows in a single location.

Other clients such as Stellantis and Renault often recommend Tenor’s WEBEDI.




WEBEDI with the eCAR Internet portal?


eCar WEBEDI is an Internet portal that centralizes all EDI with your customer and supplier partners in a single access point. eCar WEBEDI offers a wide range of functions to facilitate access to EDI.


While each customer has its own WEBEDI intranet access on which it places its own orders. If several customers send EDI orders, you need to connect to as many intranets as there are customers.


With WEBEDI eCAR, a single connection gives you a complete overview of your order book.

From the WEBEDI eCAR portal, you can export all your orders to your sales management system. You can send all your shipping notices and delivery notes, and supervise all your EDI exchanges.


Once the WEBEDI eCAR portal is up and running, it will be easy for you to offer all your business partners, customers and suppliers, the opportunity to exchange business documents via this EDI channel.

WEBEDI eCAR is a multi-language tool and is approved by GALIA.