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Tenor joins forces with LDigital to promote gender diversity in the digital sector


On May 16, Tenor signed a partnership agreement with LDigital, an association dedicated to promoting the role of women in the digital sector.

This partnership is based on shared values. We are convinced that gender diversity is a source of innovation and progress. “We see it every day : mixed teams work better, and the working atmosphere is very good,” explains André Ferrari, Chairman of Tenor.

Yet in France, women account for just 26.9% of the workforce in the digital sector. A percentage we’d like to see increase significantly !



Concrete actions to promote gender diversity 


Tenor regularly runs awareness-raising campaigns for schools on digital professions. We also support women in career transition.


Cidjie, a programmer analyst at Tenor, talks about her positive experience after her career change : “After several years as a nurse, I decided to make a career change into web development. It’s a fast-growing field, and one that’s recruiting a lot! I wasn’t afraid to take the plunge! I don’t regret my choice. I’m learning every day and I’m passionate about computer programming. You shouldn’t hesitate to take the plunge. The digital world has evolved, it’s the future”.


For its part, the LDigital association has set up various programs to reduce the digital divide between men and women : raising awareness of digital professions among young people, supporting women in professional transition, and promoting gender diversity in digital professions among companies.


A fruitful partnership 


Thanks to its collaboration with LDigital, Tenor intends to continue the initiatives it has already undertaken : welcoming young trainees into the company to introduce them to our professions, having some of our experts speak at schools to highlight the opportunities offered by the digital sector, recruiting women undergoing professional retraining, following the example of Cidjie.


We’re also looking forward to developing new joint initiatives with LDigital, to help increase the percentage of women in the digital sector !