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Discover the portrait of a budding developer

secteur numérique diversité

Tenor supports all initiatives that promote gender diversity in the digital sector. One of the actions we implement is to welcome young students for internships, to help them discover our professions. For example, we recently welcomed Sarah, a young woman who wants to work in the digital sector, for an observation internship. We hope her story will inspire other young girls to take an interest in this sector, which offers great career opportunities !



Personal experience


At nearly 17, this young woman from Lyon developed an early interest in digital technology. But Sarah also has other passions. “I love binge watching ! One of my favorite series is Higurashi : When They Cry, a horror anime whose thought-provoking mental side I really like. I also do skateboarding, kung fu and a bit of judo.”




Sarah will be starting Première next year. She has chosen the NSI, mathematics and contemporary English specialties. Her goal : to work in IT. “I already know that I’m not sociable enough to work in sales or marketing.”

What attracts her to the IT sector is the diversity of possible professions.

Sarah has already completed several internships, including two with Girls Can Code. “It was great ! We coded all day long ! I got to do lots of things, working on games and websites. We even created a chat room. I also got to meet some women who told us about their career paths.




Her greatest success is the website she developed during her internship with Change Mak’Her, a program in which women become project managers, with the mission of implementing an innovation (application or website) on one of 3 themes: gender equality, inclusion of people with disabilities (mental or physical) and sustainable development.

Participants in the program are supported by professionals who guide them from conception to completion of their project.


With her group, Sarah has developed a website called “Pass the mic” : “The aim of this site is to deconstruct stereotypes linked to gendered professions, so that people don’t think that because I’m a girl or a boy I can’t do this job. We were particularly proud when we were asked to pitch our project at Vivatech !”


Digital conviction


Sarah’s interest in digital technology began at a very early age. “My parents were very supportive when I told them I wanted to do IT.

But it was the confinement that definitely reinforced her choice. “I saw that I could do anything with my computer. In fact, I did so much during that period that we had to reformat it twice !”

The job that most appeals to him at the moment is that of developer. “I’ve spent a lot of time with developers. I like coding because it’s always moving forward and you’re never doing the same thing. You’re always discovering new things, it’s always evolving. But I also want to discover other professions before making my choice.”


The message she wants to get across


“If you want to go, go ! If you want to try something out, talk to friends who know the industry or look for internships. Don’t put it off, just go for it !”