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What are the different EDI solutions ?

Difference EDI

A range of EDI solutions to suit your needs and constraints. Discover the different possibilities for your electronic data interchange. (What is EDI ?)


There are three different EDI solutions:


– Classic EDI or in situ ;
– Web EDI ;
– Hosted EDI.



Hosted and in situ EDI solutions :


Among the various EDI solutions; for hosted EDI, the partner must have :
– Telecommunication equipment such as a modem/router;
– Telecommunication software for transmitting information according to the telecommunication protocols used by its partners;
– a translation station.


In-situ EDI solutions are mainly used by prime contractors. They are costly to deploy and require advanced technical skills to maintain. What’s more, in the event of hardware or network connection failure, it is extremely rare to have a backup solution.



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Web EDI solution


In this case, the partner simulates the connection of his system using a software application (website) which allows him to view his messages in a readable form. The partner is then free to download the message in office format (PDF or other), or to use the application to generate return messages (dispatch notes, invoices, etc.).


Web EDI is mainly used by partners with no ERP system, or with an ERP system unable to handle EDI messages. Simple and quick to implement, it also has the added advantage of taking into account partners’ logistics rules. The main drawback of this system is that you have to re-enter everything manually. It is not suitable for companies with EDI-capable ERP systems.



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Hosted EDI :


Hosted EDI involves installing hardware (translators, routers, network connections, etc.) in a hosting center, and sharing access to it via a SaaS (Software as a Service) application.


In fact, this solution combines all the advantages :
– Quick to deploy (no network to install at the partner’s premises) ;
– Reliability: the service provider can offer different EDI solutions that are highly secure and largely redundant, thanks to mutualization ;
– Cost variability ;


– No special skills required on the part of the partner.



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Hosted EDI : a real solution for the future



Among the various EDI solutions, there are several main EDI families :

  • Automotive: the automotive industry is the industrial sector where EDI was born. It is also one of the sectors where EDI exchanges are most widely used and most complex. Indeed, as this is a highly international sector, many different standards and protocols have had to coexist ;
  • Aeronautics ;
  • Retail ;
  • Healthcare.



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