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ERP installation and EDI migration : how do you go about it ?

Migration EDI

Installing a new ERP system in a company represents a real strategic challenge. ERP centralizes all of a company’s operational flows. It reduces internal dysfunctions and optimizes redundant, time-consuming processes.

If you have an EDI requirement, the installation of an ERP system could be the right time to implement an EDI solution or change EDI service provider!



Take advantage of the installation of a new ERP to set up an EDI solution


You can negotiate the installation of an EDI module on your ERP and use this change to automate exchanges with your trading partners. What’s more, by taking advantage of this opportunity, the installation of your ERP and EDI platform will be optimized, since everything will be installed at the same time.

It’s important to choose an EDI service provider who can meet your needs, so that everything goes according to plan.

Tenor Data Solutions can help you with your EDI implementation! We have several EDI solutions that may be right for you, and we also offer our outgoing invoice dematerialization software (eDemat).




Migrate EDI flows from one EDI platform to another


When implementing an EDI solution, you may find yourself in two different situations :

  • You are implementing EDI for the first time.
  • You already have an EDI solution, but would like to change. You need to migrate your EDI flows from one EDI platform to another.



If you’re planning to migrate, there are 4 main steps you’ll need to follow to ensure the success of your project :

  • First of all, you need to develop the interface structures, according to the type of EDI messages received and sent ;
  • When development is complete, you can install/update your proprietary file transfer directory ;
  • You can then start pre-production tests ;
  • Finally, you migrate the translation and put the EDI flows into production.



If each point is carried out correctly, your migration will go smoothly !


Tenor can help you set up your EDI in your new ERP. You can also browse the various EDI connectors already implemented by Tenor. Contact us for more information and to discuss the calibration of your EDI project. See also this article on supplier EDI deployment to certify the EDI of your subcontractors.